DV #GE16: The people have spoken

Dear Donkey Voters,

The people have spoken. Nobody quite knows what they said. But message received, loud and clear.

In sum, they didn’t like the Fine Gael/Labour administration so they deserted it in droves in favour of Fianna Fail who oversaw the collapse of 25% of Ireland’s GDP.

They tell pollsters they like Sinn Fein but then chicken out of voting for them when they get to the ballot boxes. Or, as we discuss in this episode, they accidentally spoil their votes by putting a big X next to their preferred candidate instead of a number.

The headbangers in AAA-PBP managed to secure 6 seats but this does not necessarily represent the ‘political earthquake’ that the well heeled privately educated revolutionista Paul Murphy says it did. After all, just under 50% of the electorate voted for the same two parties that have returned in pretty much every election since 1922. Message received, loud and clear.

In today’s episode we try and plot the next steps. Listen up and listen good.


Brian & Jimmy

DV #GE16: Polls, whingers, debate-walkouts, Vinny B at his best, rude canvassers & shame on you!

With election day this Friday, this is very much a #GE16 focussed episode of DV. We talk about polls and James nails his colours to the mast, Enda’s name calling and TD Ann Phelan’s walk-out on a Carlow-Kilkenny radio debate.

Vinny B does a fine job of showing up stubborn Junior Minister Dara Murphy’s lack of fundamental economic knowledge and we hear first hand about Dara’s rude canvassing in Cork City.

Oh and we have put together a little song to finish off the show.

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Brian & Jim

A UK opinion of the Irish, Galway’s plush cinema, pay for Minister’s advisors, Irish Water protest


There’s a cap on pay for Ministerial advisors but a few members of the cabinet are getting around that. It wouldn’t be an episode without a thought on Irish Water following the weekend’s protests. We chat about the Irish film industry and Galway’s new cinema and The Artist Taxi Driver plays us out with his take on the Irish.

The cost of the Oireachtas creche, Google is too popular, Greece’s deadline and US election

In this episode of Donkey Votes we learn more about:

  • Why Google is under investigation for being too popular
  • Another deadline for the Greeks who keep finding cold hard cash for the IMF
  • Candidates for the Republican nomination to become President of the United States of America with US correspondent Eoin O’Connor

We also take a look at the Dáil creche and see how much it costs our public representatives (below obtained under FOI request):

“Please find below breakdown of fees per child for the Oireachtas crèche:









Drop-In Service:

€7.35 per hour; maximum of 10 hours; Capped at €58

Late Night Service:

€ 10 per hour

Please note that the Oireachtas crèche is operated on behalf of the Oireachtas Commission by a third-party service provider and services are paid for directly by the users to the service provider.

The opening hours for the Oireachtas crèche are 8.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday.  The Oireachtas crèche closes on bank holidays, Good Friday and from the 24th of December to the 2nd of January each year.

The number of staff in the Oireachtas crèche is 7 (5 full time and 2 part-time).

As the crèche is operated by a third party service provider on behalf of the Oireachtas Commission, the records of wages of staff is solely held by that third party service provider.”

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