DV #GE16: The people have spoken

Dear Donkey Voters,

The people have spoken. Nobody quite knows what they said. But message received, loud and clear.

In sum, they didn’t like the Fine Gael/Labour administration so they deserted it in droves in favour of Fianna Fail who oversaw the collapse of 25% of Ireland’s GDP.

They tell pollsters they like Sinn Fein but then chicken out of voting for them when they get to the ballot boxes. Or, as we discuss in this episode, they accidentally spoil their votes by putting a big X next to their preferred candidate instead of a number.

The headbangers in AAA-PBP managed to secure 6 seats but this does not necessarily represent the ‘political earthquake’ that the well heeled privately educated revolutionista Paul Murphy says it did. After all, just under 50% of the electorate voted for the same two parties that have returned in pretty much every election since 1922. Message received, loud and clear.

In today’s episode we try and plot the next steps. Listen up and listen good.


Brian & Jimmy

DV #GE16: Polls, whingers, debate-walkouts, Vinny B at his best, rude canvassers & shame on you!

With election day this Friday, this is very much a #GE16 focussed episode of DV. We talk about polls and James nails his colours to the mast, Enda’s name calling and TD Ann Phelan’s walk-out on a Carlow-Kilkenny radio debate.

Vinny B does a fine job of showing up stubborn Junior Minister Dara Murphy’s lack of fundamental economic knowledge and we hear first hand about Dara’s rude canvassing in Cork City.

Oh and we have put together a little song to finish off the show.

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Brian & Jim

Caucuses vs primaries, Carol Ann’s favourite Republican and Hillary’s biggest weakness

With the Irish general election boring the shite out of most of us we switch our attention Stateside as our U.S. correspondent Carol Ann explains the differences between a caucus and a primary.

As a diehard Hillary supporter, it wasn’t easy but she discusses her favourite (or least dangerous) Republican and Hill’s biggest weakness.

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Brian & Jim

DV #GE16: Mannix Flynn on debt, drugs & dreams for Dublin Bay South

On Friday RTE Radio had a six way debate featuring Eamon Ryan (GREENS), Eoghan Murphy (FG), Lucinda Creighton (RENUA), Kevin Humphreys (LAB), Jim O’Callaghan (FF) and last (and certainly least) Chris Andrews (SINN FEIN) who confirmed he has not apologised for anonymously trolling some of his former colleagues from a fake twitter account in an internet cafe. Details on how he was caught doing this through a sophisticated sting operation can be found here:

Mannix Flynn on Donkey Votes

ANYWAY we digress. What’s really important is that 50/1 outsider Mannix Flynn was not given the opportunity to participate.

But never fear Donkey Voters, where RTE let you down, we are here to pick up the pieces.

We caught up with Mannix during the week where he gave us his thoughts on a range of issues affecting Dublin including housing, begging, drugs and his chances of making us all a bit of money through Paddy Power.

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Brian & Jim

DV Interview: Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan | #GE16

As part of DV’s #GE16 coverage, we chat to Eamon Ryan, Green Party leader, former cabinet minister and candidate for Dublin Bay South.

Eamon gives us a rundown on Green Party policy including its economic competence, tells us what he thinks of the current government (and of Michael Lowry), explains how he would change Dublin and informs us that British intelligence accesses and holds our internet activities for 30 days.

Oh and we get his opinion on a Dáil dress code.

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Brian & Jim

Championship time for Lowry, Wallace, Banksy on Moore Street? and Cameron takes cash from children

This week we’re hoping the people of Wexford give Wallace his freedom (by voting him out of office).

We’re looking at Cameron’s deal on restricting benefits for EU migrants.

We’re talking Moore Street protests, our old friend Michael Lowry and last but not least there’s an election in 3 weeks.

As Enda Kenny once said on a plane: “iiiiiiiiiiiiit’s CHAMPIONSHIP TIME!”

Brian & Jimmy

Surveying Fine Gael’s spending, Vermin 4 Prez, Chinatown, McGregor’s coin & a 1916 tale

In the second of our series on 1916 we tell the story of some renegade Scandinavians in the GPO, we revisit the petitions committee and the bull they talk, we talk China and Europe and we take a look at the amount of cash Fine Gael has been spending on surveys.

Oh, and a message from US presidential hopeful Vermin Supreme.

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Brian & James

Delaney comes up Trumps for Alan, depositors vs bondholders and Greece about to kick off

We’re catching up with Greece again this week where the farmers stand ready to block the main highway if their pensions are cut.

On a more disturbing note, we also discuss trumps latest efforts to creep us out with his kiddy song.

We have answers to your questions and critiques following last weeks show and last but not least we have a word or two about John ‘the baptist’ Delaney pounding the pavements with Alan Kelly.

Brian & Jimmy

Bondholders, wannabe property holders, paintings, Spain and 1916

This week we’re bringing you news of 1916 and a portrait of a Bertie as a young man.

We’re talking the Irish economy in response to a comment from financial expert Sean Keyes and rubbishing some lazy journalism.

We’re giving an update on the political impasse in Spain, the Irish property market and we finish with a quick discussion on the famous bond holders.

All in under 30 minutes.

29 minutes and 55 seconds to be exact.