A brief history of Donkey Votes

Politicians and the government influence so much of our lives, yet for a lot of people the thought of discussing politics induces an instant coma. Donkey Votes was born out of a need to make politics more palatable for everyone. The show is a balance of Brian's disinterest in and ignorance of current affairs and James' inherent political nous. Through this format we hope to help people gain a better understanding of politics and make it ok for people to ask questions about political terms, topics and functions that other shows expect you to know.

All three of us research the show and then record it live in Ian's bedroom on an iPhone. Each episode is recorded to the soundtrack of J Dilla.

A 'donkey vote' is when a voter ranks candidates in the order they appear on the ballot paper. So they vote a first preference for the first-listed candidate, second preference for the second-listed candidate and so on and so forth.

We are delighted to be a finalist at the 2014 Blog Awards.

Thanks for listening.

James, Brian & Ian